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How many backlinks to boost page rank

When building a SEO campaigns for clients, sometimes you just need to set goals to pass the competitors are able to top. Of course creating more quality back links is the best, but the process of SEO requires a lot of steps so if optimum efficiency will save a lot of time to do other things. This article presents a specific quantitative numbers for you to set goals for yourself and have a planning specific to do SEO.

In recent times Google Page Rank index have many of turmoil (perhaps Google is testing a new algorithm), but Google Page Rank is one of the first criteria to the webmasters and Google bots reviews quality of a website. On the internet have a lot of posts advices about how to increase Google Page Rank, webmasters try to build back links, and ... wait until Google updates Page Rank to know which page rank on google search.

1. How much maximum increase the page rank with one quality back link?

Of course how much increase the Page Rank is depends on your old Page Rank before? Creating one quality back link to your website can reach the maximum page rank as the following table:

Page ranks of page

For example: yourcurrent Page Rank is 0 (the leftmost column), if there is one back link from your site Page Rank 10, your website can maximum increase Page Rank 7. However, if your website has a Page Rank 4, even you create a back link from one page Page Rank 6 is pointless because it will not help you increase your Page Rank.

2. I need how many back links to increase Page Rank?

number of backlinks

According to table 2, for example your page has Page Rank 2 if you want to increase Page Rank 3, 3125 back links from websites with Page Rank 0, or 625 back links from sites with Page Rank 1, or 5 back links from websites with Page Rank 3 ...

3. Increase Page Rank N / A to the Page Rank N / A, 0, 1?

If you want to do this you will waste your time. You can refer to the following table:

target page rank

So if you want increase Page Rank from N / A to Page Rank 8 back links from these sites with Page Rank like us (N / A), there must be ... 12,207,000 back links @ @.

The above figures are only for reference based on the my experience, it may not be absolutely accurate, but you can rely on their for own calculations.